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5 Pillars of Mechanical Health

In order for your body to be working in perfect condition you need these 5 parts IN THIS ORDER:

Chiropractic Redondo Beach CA 5 Pillars

If you’re dealing with pain, especially chronic pain, one or more of these parts are dysfunctional. This list is in the order of importance so if your body does not have full mobility, this is where your treatment and rehab should start. As one part improves, move to the next.

Many people with low back pain have a weak core and do core stability and strengthening exercises but are #1, 2, and 3 good enough for those exercises to make a difference? If your core is constantly weak, is it because of a lack of exercise or because your core muscles are unhealthy? At Pro-Active Wellness Center in Redondo Beach, we address all 5 parts of this diagram.

Regional Interdependence

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This is the idea that all of our joints are interrelated and connected to each other. One part of our body directly influences the next part it is connected to.

To understand our body better we have to understand that our body is an alternating series of mobile and stable joints.

Combining these 2 ideas together, in order for our bodies to work and feel at 100% we need to keep the mobile joints mobile, our stable joints stable, our soft tissue as healthy as possible and keep our body as symmetric as possible. Once you accomplish that you can work on building strength.

At Pro-Active Wellness Center, we are experts in identifying and fixing precisely these issues by utilizing Functional Movement Assessments, Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Chiropractic, and Rehab exercises.

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